The final countdown…

Yes, this Friday inshallah is the deadline to hand in my two MASSIVE assignments. So from now till the end is work, work, work and no fun but it’s ok because I am used to the drill. Anyway is all my fault. It serves me right for leaving it all till the last minute ,so to speak. I think I might be suffering from that ‘procrastination syndrome’ 😆 I’ll have to look into it and possible cures but not now, I am to busy , too much to do 😥

You should see the state of my desk…in fact I’ll show you a picture and while I’m at it I’ll show you other things going around me in this madness called my household!

dsc00370 dsc00360 dsc00362 dsc00367dsc00373dsc00377

Let me explain…3 dh’s idea of ‘honey (I put that there for effect, he never calls me that :cry:) don’t worry about cooking this week. I’ll take care of it. Yeah right, how come it’s ok for us ,all of a sudden ,to eat fresh pasta that cooks before you even inmerse it in the water and tastes so much better and  shop made (his words not mine) delicious sauce and have lots and lots of yugurts and cheese instead of home made desserts?  If it wasn’t that I’m dead busy I’d have a decent argument but I’ll let him off the hook just for once.

Number 4 my idea of …’stick it honey (I do call him that but you should see the face to go with it :lol:) I am still in charge of MY children’s well being and other health related issues , a well balanced nutritious meal being one of them, you can eat whatever you fancy… 😆

Seriously though, he is soooooooooo going to appreciate me more after this week.

Salaams and hasta pronto,



Have I ever told you …

that I’m the biggest bargain hunter?
I refuse to pay full price for anything. I don’t mean I embarrass shop assistants and stall holders for a price cut. No, not like that.
I am one of those women who does not care about the latest must haves but rather about quality at a lower price.
TK Maxx are the best hunt place for house stuff like towels, duvets, dishes, knives. Take for example the knives featured in the pics.

dsc00348  dsc00349

 Those pretty handy professional black and silver numbers are the real thing , Judge Sabatier stainless still knives. I know what you are thinking, you cheeky girls, the woman does not cook!!! Well that’s irrelevant because they look good and are impressive. Another think I haven’t told you is that I’m a snob or a ‘posser’ as my teenage daughter puts it 😆

They might be some truth in it and I’m not going to dwell on it but the honest truth is that I don’t care for clothes (2 abayas and a few scarves it’s all I need) but I love to be surrounded by pretty things and good quality stuff too. Nothing beats good towels or good bedding.

To prove my point further…here are some pics of my latest bargains.

dsc003501  dsc00351


Another example to prove my point, the lovely vases were 75% off in Ikea. I paid less than £2. Oh and to prove that I am not a snob…notice the art pieces  on the walls are my dad’s, daughters’ and my own, not real Picassos (not that I could afford it anyways).


A few things I’m on the lookout for right now…a sewing machine for teenager who has decided that there is more to life than studying and reading and a GPS cause I’m planning a weekend full of driving with a dear friend of mine whom I don’t trust to follow maps. Sorry sis 😆

Salaams and Hasta pronto,


It is all quiet…

unusually quiet.
Being a Tuesday morning I should be on my way to uni but for the next 4 weeks I will not be attending lectures but  procrastinating blogging and doing other thanstudying at home instead. On the 30 th of Jan I have to submit two assigments of 4000 words. One on ‘assessment for learning’ and the other one on ‘use of ICT to enhance learning’. I could tell you a thing or two on both  subjects but I will not bore you or myself for that matter.

Anyways , here I am home alone, kids in school, dh at work, washing machine spinning, the upstairs rooms upside down, sink full of breakfast dishes, dryer in need of emptying before wash comes out of machine…But …you’ve guessed it!!! I intend to make the most of the peace , inshallah.


Anyway, I am tired. It is only after 8 in the morning but I am exhausted. My day has started bright (it was dark actually) and early. Today is ‘Cake and Food sale’ at my teenage wannabe’s (officially a teenager since yesterday, god help us!!!) school. All money goes to the Palestinians in need. I cannot remember exactly to which charity but my guess is that it will go to Yusuf Islam’s own charity as he is the founder of the school and he is very involved in the cause.

So there I was , early in the morning making a pasta salad without the promised help of the above mentioned teenager because she could not be bothered did not hear me or the alarm. I forgive her though, only because she did appreciate my efforts profusely, she even gave me a kiss and a hug!!!!

This is her, I know you can not see it but she has  a smile on her face!!! Sorry but I can not help but to be surprised at the simple action of smiling when it comes from my gloomy teenager. Could this be a sign? Are things going to get easier for us? Us, as in her two suffering younger sisters and her father and ME!!???



How do you my dear friends, sisters and readers cope with teenage girls? Please do tell. I know it requires a lot of patience, keeping the lines of communications open and du’as but it is not easy. I guess this topic requires a post of it’s own so I’ll leave it at that.

And this is what I did as soon as the three girls left the house to catch the bus…


 My new vice is hot chocolate. Not just any chocolate, especially NOT the ugly type of chocolate powder that you just add to boiling water. This ,my dear readers, is the real thing. The one that requires lots of love almost boiling milk. The extra especial kind of chocolate.


And now my dear sister, friends and readers I am pretty tired and I intend to go to bed inshallah for a couple of hours hoping to wake up refreshed and with enough energy to sit at my desk and do some serious reading. I need a few academic quotes to include in my essays.

Have a good day. Hasta pronto.


Conversation with a 8 year old

Child: Why are you eyes all red and puffy mummy?

Mum: Because I’ve been crying.

Child: Are you sad for the Palestinians again?

Mum: Yes, everytime I see the news and read the blogs I can’t help but cry and beg Allah to stop their suffering. Ya Allah!

Child: My friend says that the important American man that nearly got hit with the shoe is very angry and that is why he is throwing all those bombs in Gazza.

Mum: I don’t really know if that is what is going on or not but I do know that something has to be done. What you can do is make lots and lots of du’a for them and if you’ve got any money give it to them.

Child: I prayed for them this morning and I’m going to give them all my money. I’m sure is going to be non- uniform day on Friday and the money we bring in will be for them.

Mum: Inshallah

Child: My friend also said that she thinks the other important man in America is going to stop the bombs.

Mum: What other important American man?

Child: The black man with a muslim name.

Mum: Let’s hope and pray the end to their suffering comes soon no matter how. Allah has the power and to Him we should turn now and always.