Another before and after…

it all started soon after we bought the dinning table and chairs…..I just knew it wasn’t the perfect table for us but I saw the potential… was a matter of time and some research until I could have the table I was after…fast forward a few years and while I was browsing on pinterest I came across THE ONE….shabby chic/farmhouse/cottagy/simple/clean lines… is the one …..mine’s still crispy new but give it a few years and it will look more like this one……..


Now I needed to work out how to do it but let’s be honest here I’m not a DIY natural……and I know the right person for the job….remember this other table transformation? My friend did it and we are still as much in love with the table as we were the first day she brought it back from her workshop….


So just casually I contacted her on fb two days ago to let her know of my latest whim (she knows me that well 😉 ) ….and to my astonishment she was at our place only a couple of hours later with a bag full of tools and bags of enthusiasm…..she is one in a million I tell you….ok this is going on too long and I know you guys just want to see the table… without further ado….tadah……here it comes……drum roll…….tadah……

PicMonkey Collage

No more hiding the table under a plastic cover…now it is a table to be proud of…..I just love it…..Allah ibarak……

What do you think? Do you agree with me that it is now more natural? It was a bit too conservative for us……..

Wishing you all a good ending to the weekend…..

Salaams y hasta la vista,




True to her word…

dd18 has started on the shed….it all begun with some left over paint, then I quickly realized I didn’t have enough and ordered some but by the time the paint arrived the mojo was gone…


And now we are debating what to do with the rest, continue in the same colour…some blue and white stripes?

I like how it matches and flows ….


Salaams y hasta la vista,


My old new table….

I can not express in words how happy I am with our old new coffee table…my dear friend has just dropped it off …little one even did a happy dance around it…

IMG-20140306-00554 IMG-20140306-00555

But I’m sure you want to see what is was like before…here are some more pics…I can not explain the whole process to you but I do know that it took lots and lots of sanding and some priming and then lots and lots and then some more varnish…oh and the brown bit is stain varnish…I think…well I’m not an expert , all I know is that I have a coffee table that I simply adore mash’Allah….thank you Allah for good friends…

PicMonkey Collage

Don’t you think that reusing, revamping, recycling,reclaiming is the way forward? I do!!!

Salaams y hasta la vista,