In my tiny urban garden…

we have seen the last of the beans…in fact the whole area has been cleared and next I will be using that raised bed for strawberries…no more vegetables in our back garden anymore…we will be using the allotment for vegetables and the home garden for flowers, berries and a beautiful herb garden….thinking purple basil,fresh mint, coriander…Jamie Oliver here I come….lol


Tomatoes later than never but making progress….the first chilli has made an appearance too…and many more squashes insh’Allah….

WP_20140821_09_42_01_Pro WP_20140821_09_42_27_Pro


Tomorrow , it will be the time of the courgette area to be cleared and put to bed….meanwhile in the allotment plenty of new things are happening but that is a post for another day….:)

Salaams y hasta la vista,



Last week…

was one of those weeks where we did lots of things…so rather than writing different blog posts this is going to be one of those random ones…you know, the one for the sake of documenting for when I’m old and frail and I can look back….;)

In the little urban garden the butternut squashes are doing rather well…

see the little one hiding?
see the little one hiding?


We picked the first cobs of corn yesterday….delish…. simply boiled and some butter…


Dh and dd18 were busy at work on the allotment on Saturday whilst the rest of us partied…so what to show you first, the allotment or the henna designs? lol

PicMonkey Collage

As usual I had a blast…good company, good food, lots of catching up and the henna designs simply amazing, mash’Allah

Dh and dd18 reassured me that they had fun too and here is what they achieved ….




So, we now have four raised beds…the large one at the back of this pic already has a few veg sown in…hopefully I was not too late…anyways, carrots, swede, turnip and chard went in…insh’Allah

We have managed to half fill a small bed today…two car loads and still another million to go but we are enjoying it all…

Dd13 is going through another baking phase inspired by the ‘Great British bake off’…..we all enjoyed her first time eclairs…


and dd3 is learning to cut in straight lines…her concentration is admirable and laughable…bless her…



This past week we also celebrated dd18’s accpetance at the uni of her choice…omg…my baby is going to uni in October…mash’Allah…time does fly…subhan’Allah

I did warn you that it was going to be a random post and I don’t think they come any more random than this…

Salaams y hasta la vista,





river weekending

Saturday was spent with family and friends by the river….a two hours plus drive early in the morning but worth every second…all the way to Lincolnshire, to a campsite….. we were guests of two of the loveliest women you could ever meet…….good company, beautiful private setting, lots of laughter, freezing fast current which provided plenty of entertainment and a scrumptious bbq….simply perfect…mash’Allah

Sunday was spent in the garden, tidying up…my first tomatoes were picked!!! I’m drying and storing my first seeds….insh’Allah I will not be buying many seeds next year….

I hope you all had a good weekend and wishing you many good times this coming week…

Salaams y hasta la vista,


Plot 29: progress and other stories…

Another very two busy and productive days at the allotment. Yesterday, dh built one large raised bed.Today was the ladies day, only because the man works during the week, lol….so yeah dd18 and myself were on a mission to fill up the raised bed with compost from the local park. We are so lucky to get it for free…as much as you want …come fill up your containers kind of place……




After two car loads we have only filled up half of the raised bed…well, we know what are we going to be doing for the next few days…we are not complaining, we’ve had a blast…

I simply love going to the allotment and meeting the different characters…the camaraderie in that place is very uplifting…there’s always someone on hand with advice, tips and gluts….

Mr H, from the plot opposite has invited us to pick the plums that are falling off his trees…oh and we have so gladly obliged..the sweetest, juiciest plums ever ,I tell you….


Back home I had to deal with my own courgette glut…..stuffed courgettes for dinner…dolma, North African style…



Salaam y hasta la vista,


Plot 29…

let’s the works commence…Ramadan is over and now that we have the energy it’s time to tackle the plot…

As I’ve said before here , it is going to be a matter of little and often…so with that in mind we have spent in total just over two hours on the plot…and we are all happy with today’s achievements…dh was in charge of cutting the grass which was very manageable after being kept in the dark under the black plastic. Dd 18 and I have spent most of the time taking care of weeds, getting to the bottom of the root…what a lot of fun that was…

I am very glad to see that the plastic has done the job as the weeds were not as stubborn and the soil is now easy on the hoe and fork…

PicMonkey Collage

I reckon we have prepared enough room for three beds…if the weather behaves we will go back tomorrow and either work on another section or build the raised beds….

Salaams y hasta la vista,


P.S my first blister