The final countdown…

Yes, this Friday inshallah is the deadline to hand in my two MASSIVE assignments. So from now till the end is work, work, work and no fun but it’s ok because I am used to the drill. Anyway is all my fault. It serves me right for leaving it all till the last minute ,so to speak. I think I might be suffering from that ‘procrastination syndrome’ 😆 I’ll have to look into it and possible cures but not now, I am to busy , too much to do 😥

You should see the state of my desk…in fact I’ll show you a picture and while I’m at it I’ll show you other things going around me in this madness called my household!

dsc00370 dsc00360 dsc00362 dsc00367dsc00373dsc00377

Let me explain…3 dh’s idea of ‘honey (I put that there for effect, he never calls me that :cry:) don’t worry about cooking this week. I’ll take care of it. Yeah right, how come it’s ok for us ,all of a sudden ,to eat fresh pasta that cooks before you even inmerse it in the water and tastes so much better and  shop made (his words not mine) delicious sauce and have lots and lots of yugurts and cheese instead of home made desserts?  If it wasn’t that I’m dead busy I’d have a decent argument but I’ll let him off the hook just for once.

Number 4 my idea of …’stick it honey (I do call him that but you should see the face to go with it :lol:) I am still in charge of MY children’s well being and other health related issues , a well balanced nutritious meal being one of them, you can eat whatever you fancy… 😆

Seriously though, he is soooooooooo going to appreciate me more after this week.

Salaams and hasta pronto,



8 thoughts on “The final countdown…”

  1. From one procrastinator to another,

    I know what it’s like! Just look forward to the day after you’ve handed them in. I hope it all goes well. Thanks for a post that got me giggling!


  2. Yes I did,so I’m planning to stay in bed all day today. I’ve already been to Asda’s to get myself two books to read and tomorrow I’m taking the girls to the snow as a treat cause they were sooooooooooo patient with their mummy 😆

  3. mashaallah stay in bed all day..good for you….i can say that in 10 years time deserve it after all that hard work .i hope they ll enjoy it tomorrow inshaallah.

  4. Lovely… cant wait to see the snow pictures, lets see who can get them online sooner 😉 I think you!! unless u cant do that without some help too (I know you can!!)

  5. I know inshaallah you have done well sister not easy jugling life and studies bring back the teen years………wasted i bet?

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