Just you and me….



Your dad went to work early this morning. We drove your sisters to their different bus stops and off they went in different directions…and now…is just you and me baby…and guess what ?! it’s gonna  be like that for a loooooooooong time…just you and me baby….

Mama knows that is not always going to be easy..the whole just you and me  business…I keep saying it and writing it so I guess used to it…it’s so new for me , you see…just you and me baby…

Mama knows that sometimes you are going to drive me up the walls and I’m going to start thinking that perhaps the whole you and me thing is not working. But I promise to give it my best shot.

And while is just you and me we have to try our best to get along. You and me have to work out a routine that suits us both best. Like housework has to be done, you need mama time, meals have to be prepared, I need ‘mama time’ too and we need plenty of fun outings too, oh and soon is time to get the garden ready for planting…and and don’t forget you and me both need friends around…

I guess that you and me we will have to play it by ear during the first few days and see if any sort of rhythm just happens.

You and me baby are gonna be alright….and when the going gets tough I might say things I don’t mean and I might even start looking cross and ugly but I know that you and me  will be ok…because I have lots of plan B’s for when nothing works.

And now baby, you and me  have to get on with the housework. No more doing it all at night when we are all tired and your big sisters and wanting my attention and help with homework…No more cramming a million and one things in the evening after coming home from a long day at work….

So let’s start by emptying out the washing machine. You can help me pull out the clothes and carry them to the drying machine. And after that we could have a mini break and read one of your favourite books…..



Salaams y hasta la vista,




It’s the final countdown……


Only 4 more days and I will be a stay at home mum…I’m going to live the dream…Yes, you heard me right…I have  for quite a while now wanted to quit my job and become a yummy mummy stay at home mum. And the time has come….

I know is not going to be easy but trust me, it will not be as hard as leaving the house just after seven every morning,rain or shine, dragging my poor little one out of the door and handing her over to ‘aunty’. The poor little thing has already had 3 aunties …all lovely …I could never thank them enough for treating her so well but the problem is not them …it’s me and the guilt I have been carrying inside me for quite a while now.
I know is not going to be all plain sailing but trust me, it will not be as hard as coming home dead tired and not having the luxury of collapsing on the sofa…
I know is not going to be easy but I know is best for my family and myself right now…

In other words, I know there are going to be many days in which I’m going to question my own sanity and wish I never gave up my ‘other life’ but when those days do come I will just have to breath deeply and remind myself why I’m doing it. I will have to ask Allah to give me the strength to keep going… I will have to renew my intention constantly…I will have to call the lovely sisters around me and ask for help….for ‘cuppas’ ..for chats and some adult company…

OMG…I’m crying…I’m so scared…How can I be so sure of my decision yet so scared at the same time? What if I’m not cut out to be a stay at home mum?….

Salaams y hasta la vista,

on crochet , blankets and WIP…

Remember me telling you how much I love crochet and how it was the new love of my life? Well still is and I’m here to show you all my creations so far…

As soon as I started learning how to crochet I had the urge to make a blanket for each one of my daughters. I wanted then to have something that ‘mum’ made for them and that they would always cherish……you know how it goes…they will take it with them when we finally agree to them getting married and abandoning me….
So yeah anyways…DD17 chose colours to complement her bedroom….and here it is…


Dd 14 wanted something happier , more vintage….


and dd 12 didn’t know what she wanted so I started working on a granny squares blanket and she liked it so it will be hers once I put it together….


And baby…well she doesn’t know what she wants yet so I’m looking around for ideas.

Salaams y hasta la vista,

Motherhood v wifehood…

The following is a post I drafted on the 21st of January…I did not finish it ( the story of my life…I don’t do closure…I procrastinate….I have too much going on all at once…)  and I’m not going to now. But I guess you will want to know, once you have read it, if any progress was made….Well, that is for another post 🙂

Wifehood?!!!! Is that even a word?!! Who cares…

I’m a crap wife and I know it….but it’s ok cause things are going to change around here…have to change or I’ll end up ruining my marriage and losing a lovely man…yes my husband is a lovely man …I don’t deserve him…..and all that…..

The following is an extract from ‘Second honeymoon’ by Joanna Trollope.
….’Well, just think for a moment about how I feel. I didn’t marry you in order to have Matt and Rosa and Ben, though I’m thankful we did. I married you because I wanted to be with you, because you somehow make things shine for me, even when you’re horrible. You want Ben back. Well, you’ll have to deal with that as best you can. And while you’re dealing with it, I’ll give you something else to think about, something that isn’t going to go away, Edie- I want you back. I was here before the children and I’m here now.’ He put his cup down with finality. ‘And I’m not going away.’

So I was reading that last night and I honestly thought that Joanna had me in mind when she wrote that…yeah right…but you get what I mean…

As much as it pains me to write it or admit it, my lovely girls will one day grow and leave the nest …and then what? Exactly…

So the plan is….to work on my marriage to take it to the next level…from good to ‘EVEN BETTER’…to invest time and effort on it…to put my husband first…and you know what? I’m writing this and thinking that I’ve already started it…cause after all acknowledging that there is a problem is part of the solution isn’t it?

The first stages of the plan are simple…

And by popular demand….

I am back!!! yes believe it or not I have obsessive followers who had personally begged me to post some more…so thank you thank you …both….(you know who you are) for asking…
To be honest many a times I have gone as far as drafting posts but never manage to finish them let alone publish them. The thing is I don’t really know what is the whole point of blogging….Why do we blog?
Anyways, I’m here and since I’m about to become a lady of leisure/kept woman/stayathomemum/yummy mummy and all the rest all at once I guess I will have more time in my hands and able to update this dead blog more regularly.
For now, I leave you with a question or a few actually..Why do you blog? Why do you follow certain blogs? What do they bring to you?
Salaams y hasta la vista,