Have I ever told you …

that I’m the biggest bargain hunter?
I refuse to pay full price for anything. I don’t mean I embarrass shop assistants and stall holders for a price cut. No, not like that.
I am one of those women who does not care about the latest must haves but rather about quality at a lower price.
TK Maxx are the best hunt place for house stuff like towels, duvets, dishes, knives. Take for example the knives featured in the pics.

dsc00348  dsc00349

 Those pretty handy professional black and silver numbers are the real thing , Judge Sabatier stainless still knives. I know what you are thinking, you cheeky girls, the woman does not cook!!! Well that’s irrelevant because they look good and are impressive. Another think I haven’t told you is that I’m a snob or a ‘posser’ as my teenage daughter puts it 😆

They might be some truth in it and I’m not going to dwell on it but the honest truth is that I don’t care for clothes (2 abayas and a few scarves it’s all I need) but I love to be surrounded by pretty things and good quality stuff too. Nothing beats good towels or good bedding.

To prove my point further…here are some pics of my latest bargains.

dsc003501  dsc00351


Another example to prove my point, the lovely vases were 75% off in Ikea. I paid less than £2. Oh and to prove that I am not a snob…notice the art pieces  on the walls are my dad’s, daughters’ and my own, not real Picassos (not that I could afford it anyways).


A few things I’m on the lookout for right now…a sewing machine for teenager who has decided that there is more to life than studying and reading and a GPS cause I’m planning a weekend full of driving with a dear friend of mine whom I don’t trust to follow maps. Sorry sis 😆

Salaams and Hasta pronto,



9 thoughts on “Have I ever told you …”

  1. bargain queen huh???? letting your secrets out one by one…..insha’allah we’ll get some nice pics of you girls on your jaunt???

  2. salamu alaikum.mashaallah, i honestly think that the knife is a good bargain….iam not sure about the towels….well if they are bath sheet it might be a good one.if you want call me and ill tell you where to get quality towels at good price.well if you need more of course……….lol
    i love the painting mashaallah

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