A new blanket…

for baby…well,for baby’s babies….these squares were destined for better bigger things but….. …and sometimes one needs a small project, a quicky….and also how do you say no to your little one that wants something soooo badly…. I can’t stand tantrums just don’t know how to say no….

PicMonkey Collage

I still have a few squares left. They might end up being a cushion…never done one…perhaps something for the patio area?….oh the possibilities…..

Salaams y hasta la vista,



The plan is…

to build another raised bed in our tiny garden…parallel to the existing one…for growing more…for more hours of fun….

IMG-20140226-00518 IMG-20140226-00521

So after a few hours of hard digging to remove the turf some progress has been made…


Planning to finish off tomorrow , insh’Allah, ready for dh to do his bit with planks, hammers and all the rest.

I guess gardening season has officially started at ours….oh the possibilites….I love love love gardening….I feel truly blessed , mash’Allah ….alhamdulilah…

Salaams y hasta la vista,



It feels good….

to be back home….back to our own rhythms…back with our loved ones….back to our own schedules…

The five days spent with relatives and in ‘the past’ were good but coming back home is what makes it perfect for me….the best part of going away is coming back…

Whenever I leave home for a few days I come back full of projects and resolutions…is it too late for new year resolutions? even if it is…here is my new year resolution…..BILINGUALISM…….as years go by my family is becoming less and less fluent is our second home language…Dd 18 speaks Spanish decently and can express herself in writing quite eloquently. She is currently taking a Spanish A level….Dd15 understands very well,speaks decent spanglish but struggles to write independently. She is doing it at school at GCSE level. Dd13 understands it but never answers back in Spanish and lacks vocab……dd almost 3 NADA….rien de rien…. nothing at all  😦

Well , I am doing my best to bring up Spanish levels  in our house ….I don’t need to argue here the benefits of bilingualism but I will tell you why now….it was quite uncomfortable to see little one unable to communicate with grandma and grandpa….

It is not going to be easy to make the switch but we will have to find ways of making the transition as smooth as possible. For starters, she now watches Peppa pig in Spanish 😉 and we are concentrating on vocabulary: body parts, foods,things around the house….

I guess she is too young for duolingo and the apps I have checked out are not that great…I will do it my way and hope for the best….

Salaams y hasta la vista,


A few random things…

I have found the right dark chocolate for me and my pocket. I don’t need to tell you about the benefits of good dark chocolate or the need for it to be high in cocoa content…but just in case you are not familiar here is a link 😉 and this is my fave at the moment….

dark chocA real treat….and guilt free…;)


University entry interviews are over as from an hour ago……so glad they are over…let the waiting game begin….oh, before you jump to conclusions it is my daughter who is going through the whole ordeal but it is MY daughter so I feel it too….

I am almost over the flu…both dd2 and myself were quite ill over the weekend but Alhamdulilah we are now on the mend…in times like this I realized what a great bunch of nutters my family is made up of….if  you are reading this darlings , thank you so much for holding the fort for me….

We have a family whatsap group now….whatever next!!!! Not sure what it is for but we are still at the early stages and can’t even decide on a picture…they won’t listen to me and pose for a groupie…..

I had to cancel today’s yummy mummies get together for the kid’s playdate sisters get together but Alhamdulilah , Allah is the best of planners.

I am planning to go seeds shopping this weekend. One step closer to starting on the whole gardening business…oh I can’t wait….I have plans….bigger plans….weather permitting this weekend I will be working on marking out where the next raised bed goes….I will then have to start on removing the turf…insh’Allah I have the strength …..

Salaams y hasta la vista,


Never say never…

OMG…you will never believe what I’ve gone and just done….I’m such a snob….such a yummy mummy wannabe…omg…I’ve lost me marbles….oh well who cares?

I have arranged a play-date for my little girl…yes me, who usually cringes when I hear or read about mums getting their diaries out and arranging a time and place for their children to play….. . Me who always found it so pretentious and and and snobbish and american……oh well…little H came round to play with my little one two days ago( unplanned , just a friend dropping by , as it should be 😉 ) and as they had so much fun together I thought that she was ready to have playmates around. And you should have heard her sobbing her little heart out when he left. She cried and wailed ‘now I have no friends to play with’….


Well I don’t know what got over me but before I knew it I had sent out the following text…cringe cringe…

Salaams sisters, little S would like the company of your little ones on Tuesday from 1-3 insh’Allah.Pls come n let’s have a cuppa together while they play n fight…(they were other even cheesier bits in it but I think I’ve humiliated myself enough….)

Sad I know….but guess what?…all three ladies sounded excited and texted back that they were looking forward to it ;)…..

So yeah….moral of the story…..NEVER SAY NEVER…..

Salaams y hasta la vista,


P.S ….what do you think I should serve the little ones for lunch? I was thinking organic roasted vegetables tagine with olives tapenade served on zuchini pasta or…..kidding!!!

J’aime étudier français avec…



A while back I read an article about 25 free websites which could make you cleverer or something along those lines. Let me google it and see if I can find it…oh yeah here it is ..not sure if it was that exact one I read but anyways Duolingo came first and I gave it a try…and I fell instantly in love with the whole learning a language for free thing…I studied french in my primary and secondary years and used it a little bit on the french skiing slopes but nothing after that until I married my dh years later. My pigeon french came in very handy when I went with the girls to Algeria for a year. I could communicate with my inlaws and shopkeepers and other folks in the streets…very handy indeed…So let’s say my francais improved somewhat but only the spoken form and when back in England I longed to study it seriously but was never the right time ….fast forward 10 years and  I stumbled upon the above mentioned website and I simply love it!! I made myself start from the very first level and I’m now on level 9….I can honestly say that my grammar and spellings have improved greatly and my vocabulary is also increasing……and all it takes is 30 minutes a day .

The other website  from the list I use from time to time is Khan Academy…great for those maths topics that have gone a bit rusty….my students like it too…clear precise and to the point lessons and exercises…not just maths, sciences too and much more…

I’m all for lifelong learning…it’s never too late …don’t you just love the internet and how it has made learning accessible to almost all?

What about you? do you study anything on-line? mo

Salaams y hasta la vista,