Four months later….

and no apologies for not being here ….I now know that my excuses and promises to blog more often and blah blah blah are a waste of my time and yours. So let’s just say that I’ve been away from blogland full stop.

Not much has happened anyways. Or nothing worth writing about. I’m still pregnant alhamdulilah. Almost  there insh’Allah. 35 weeks according to my medical notes but I swear it feels more like 45 weeks….I don’t need to share this but I’m going to 😉 I feel fat, ugly and pregnant. What else did you expect! I know, I know, fourth time round I should know better but it always takes me by surprise how hard it is. I’m not complaining just sharing my experience. Oh and I’m more scared than I have ever been about you know what…The big L is literally doing my head in.

And changing the subject before I start freaking out again….The gardening season has started once again in our household. This year things are slightly different. Dh has decided to take a very active role in the whole growing our own vegetables and fruits process. And boy am I glad!!! So far he has built a raised veg patch, made a few trips to the garden centre to get compost, top soil , manure and other bits and bobs. Mash’Allah , he has been a great help so far.

The girls and I did all the indoor sowing which cover all windowsills in the house but not for much longer. Last sunday the tomatoes were the first to go into the new veg patch thanks to dh’s and dd 15’s help. I do all the directing and driving them mad bit and they follow instructions quite happy to oblige. Bless them…

This coming weekend insh’Allah will be the turn of the sweetcorn and soon after, the peppers will follow. I must take some pics tomorrow to share with you soon…

Oh and on Saturday we had our first bbq of the season too. I will not tell you much about it because I think my dd15 has done a great job as recounting what it was like…. let’s hope my dh does not come across it too…

My easter holidays started last Thursday and to be honest I’m not doing much. A lot of napping , reading, sitting in the sun, more napping, more reading…some cooking…….Yeah I hear you …’make the most of it while you can, once baby is here…’

Only three more working days before maternity leave kicks off, can’t wait. I’m planning to go back to work in September insh’Allah. I know that it does not sound like much time off to enjoy baby  but believe you me , more than enough for me. I’m not the ‘stay at home mum’ type. I’ve tried and as much as I envy (in a healthy way mash’Allah ) all yummy mummies out there and admire all organic wholesome homemakers, I’m rubbish at it and my children are better off if I go out a few hours a day and come back in the evenings tired, frustrated, hair pulling and miserable but somehow fulfilled. I know it does not make sense but trust me, it’s my crazy take on life.

Only Allah knows when I will post again but I must admit it felt good to do it…and If I do come back soon I will do my best to add some pics to this post and show off my attempts at gardening lol

Salaams y hasta pronto,