O is for….

OVER…the whole thing of writing stuff and following the alphabet business is over..simply because I have my dear class here with me and they want to write a post about their trip to the ice rink…

this is the rink but those people are not us

OK kiddos let’s start with a title…

Falling on the ice and getting up again and again and again

Yesterday we went to Queensway Ice Rink. (come on children, I want proper paragraphs)

Yesterday we went ice skating to Queensway Ice Rink by tube. It was a long , stuffy and hot journey. The tube was as crowded as a football team in a phone box. Poor someone (can’t write names teacher says) was sick all the way and needed a vomit bag. Yuck!!!

As soon as we got out of the tube the fresh air felt marvellously relaxing. Just two minutes walk and we reached the ice rink.We all changed into ice skating boots and off to the ice.

First impressions:

I want my mummy!

I can do this!

I’m going to love this!


I’m so going to fall!

Am I brave enough?!

So we stepped on the ice and Robert , the instructor, welcomed us. Robert gave us lots of challenges:follow the leader,bend our knees, do a bit of flamenco, skate with hands on knees, hands in the air …

As soon as Robert’s hour was over we went in for our lunch. We ate our food as fast as we could manage and went back on the ice. This time everybody felt more confident. The teachers also joined in except for T. Ines who refused to go on the ice.

All of us fell down  at least  fifty times and we have bruises to prove it but it was worth it. So much fun except for the tube ride.

Eventually it was time to go back to school. All of us moaning because we wanted to stay longer and nobody wanted to go in the stuffy train again 😦

Salaams y hasta la vista,

Ines and her very tired class.