Chitting away…

this is only my second year growing potatoes ….I did not think I would do it again this year but here I am again…don’t take me wrong I loved the whole process last year and we got very good results but I thought they took too much space that I could not afford….anyways long story short here I am again growing potatoes…. they are still on my windowsill…chitting away…1st of April, rain or shine, is when they will be planted in the raised beds…..


This year’s selection are cara, nicola and pentland crown….three completely different ones from last year…..cause I like to try new things…

Here is a great tutorial on how to chit potatoes….

Salaams y hasta la vista,





Too soon….

I’ve said it before here…I’m too impatient to be a gardener but I had to peek…I had to see what they looked like and tomorrow I want to give my guests (eid celebrations) as much home grown food as I possibly can….so yeah potato salad….I got a 1500 g….not bad….I hear you , I could have gotten double that in a week’s time …oh well I’m an impatient gardener …..


This are my second earlies but I can’t for the life of me remember the name of the variety…it will be in my notebook back at the allotment…

The chilies, on the other hand, are coming fast and furious… far I have made two jars of nando’s type sauce but I’m going to have to look into drying or other conserving ways….


Chili oil? chutney? will have a look in pinterest…..the world and its mother seems to be pinning everything I need over there….

Feeling very blessed and grateful…alhamdulilah

Salaams y hasta la vista,



another first timers on the plot this year…courtesy of Mary, one of the nicest ladies at the allotment….Mary is a true inspiration to me….she is 80 plus and still manages her plot with no help….so, she gave me a load of onions plus a mini tutorial on how to plant them…who knew you don’t cover them…just make a little hole and pop them in….


Also, look at what we have spotted this morning…first leaves coming though from the early potatoes we planted back at the end of last month….oh the excitement!!!


and on the topic of first timers….dd4 has been picking daisies for her first daisies’ chain… the simple things in life that bring us so much joy…don’t you agree?

WP_20160412_11_09_07_Pro[1] WP_20160412_11_36_07_Pro[1]

Salaams y hasta la vista,