Runner beans….


they are here!!!!!……we didn’t intend for them to grow so big before we harvested them yesterday…… we like them smaller, when they are really tender but we couldn’t get to them earlier and I swear they grow so much from one day to the other …subhan’Allah…still we got enough for a couple of dinners at least….in tomato sauce, in salads or tossed in olive oil and garlic….simple tasty dishes….

Wishing you all a very peaceful and productive weekend,

Salaams y hasta la vista,



Moving out…


not the best day for it but the runner beans were running up the curtains and the weather forecast is rain and cold and cold and rain all week…let’s hope these beans are the adaptable resilient type…..

IMG-20140422-00505  IMG-20140422-00508


and definitely not the weather for table building outside either…dh is working on a project of his own too….

IMG-20140422-00509 IMG-20140422-00513

He reckons we’ll have a solid table for the patio area in less than a week….insh’Allah…now we only need nice weather to eat al fresco….

Salaams y hasta la vista,