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and other literary bits….I can’t remember if I mentioned here that I have joined goodreads recently….basically a site where you read all about books, popular lists, reviews, friends’ recommendations and much more….I love getting lost in it, almost as much as spending time in a good bookshop ….me and books can spend hours in each other’s company……since joining up I’m reading more ….my own personal challenge is 15 books for the year…if you are not using goodreads I highly recommend it….I should have listened to my bookworm dd16 when she told me to do so a long time ago…also she gave me a good tip to avoid spending too much money on amazon on books; only buy a new book after reading four books I already own….

A few days ago, on goodreads, or was it facebook?,I read about Yasmina Khadra and her/his many books…..of course the link took me to amazon and long story short, the books are here….The Swallows of Kabul and What the Day Owes the Night…to be honest the Algerian connection as well as the friends recommendations drew me to them…I might do a review here soon….not that I know how to but I’ll try my best…everything is possible with the help of the world wide web….




Also, on my 2015 bucket list I’ve put ‘join a book club’ and I have!!! an online one but a book club all the same….they are almost finished ‘The Hobbit’ and the other books in the trilogy so I will not be actively participating until the next one, insh’Allah….

And lastly, have you heard about Harper Lee publishing her second but actually first novel in July?….how exciting is that!!! oh I can not wait to read about Scout as a young lady in New York…I bet you anything she is still as feisty as ever…….

Salaams y hasta la vista,




E is for E-reader…

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…I LOVE MY KINDLE…
I guess all e-readers have pros and cons but mine does all I want it to do and more.
Comes with me to the doctors, to the airport, goes with me on long flights, even goes to bed with me… And I’ve heard that it can carry over two thousands books for me!! Imagine that!
What I like most about my kindle though, is the speed at which I can download a book. In a matter of seconds I have a new title ready to read and almost certainly cheaper that it’s paper form.
I can really think of any cons…well appart from the fact that you have to charge it and occasionally I have been caught out 🙂
Other than that my kindle is my new best friend after crochet of course 😉
Are you a modern 21st century reader or reluctant to move with the times?
I think I’m an inbetweener cause sometimes I still read a paperback just for the feel of it.

Salaams y hasta la vista