It is all quiet…

unusually quiet.
Being a Tuesday morning I should be on my way to uni but for the next 4 weeks I will not be attending lectures but  procrastinating blogging and doing other thanstudying at home instead. On the 30 th of Jan I have to submit two assigments of 4000 words. One on ‘assessment for learning’ and the other one on ‘use of ICT to enhance learning’. I could tell you a thing or two on both  subjects but I will not bore you or myself for that matter.

Anyways , here I am home alone, kids in school, dh at work, washing machine spinning, the upstairs rooms upside down, sink full of breakfast dishes, dryer in need of emptying before wash comes out of machine…But …you’ve guessed it!!! I intend to make the most of the peace , inshallah.


Anyway, I am tired. It is only after 8 in the morning but I am exhausted. My day has started bright (it was dark actually) and early. Today is ‘Cake and Food sale’ at my teenage wannabe’s (officially a teenager since yesterday, god help us!!!) school. All money goes to the Palestinians in need. I cannot remember exactly to which charity but my guess is that it will go to Yusuf Islam’s own charity as he is the founder of the school and he is very involved in the cause.

So there I was , early in the morning making a pasta salad without the promised help of the above mentioned teenager because she could not be bothered did not hear me or the alarm. I forgive her though, only because she did appreciate my efforts profusely, she even gave me a kiss and a hug!!!!

This is her, I know you can not see it but she has  a smile on her face!!! Sorry but I can not help but to be surprised at the simple action of smiling when it comes from my gloomy teenager. Could this be a sign? Are things going to get easier for us? Us, as in her two suffering younger sisters and her father and ME!!???



How do you my dear friends, sisters and readers cope with teenage girls? Please do tell. I know it requires a lot of patience, keeping the lines of communications open and du’as but it is not easy. I guess this topic requires a post of it’s own so I’ll leave it at that.

And this is what I did as soon as the three girls left the house to catch the bus…


 My new vice is hot chocolate. Not just any chocolate, especially NOT the ugly type of chocolate powder that you just add to boiling water. This ,my dear readers, is the real thing. The one that requires lots of love almost boiling milk. The extra especial kind of chocolate.


And now my dear sister, friends and readers I am pretty tired and I intend to go to bed inshallah for a couple of hours hoping to wake up refreshed and with enough energy to sit at my desk and do some serious reading. I need a few academic quotes to include in my essays.

Have a good day. Hasta pronto.



7 thoughts on “It is all quiet…”

  1. yummy.. so does that mean that if I ever get back down to London that you might be making me something I like? yummy 😀 insha’allah your essays go ok, keep in touch… was good to hear from you yesterday. Hasta luego 🙂

  2. get easier??? if she’s officially a teen may get easier..but it’ll be just as she’s coming OUT of her teens …lol
    brekkie looks yum… and five minutes peace is one of my fave books….i think we ARE the large family…insha’allah you enjoy your “free time”

  3. funny , cause I always think of you as the large family, lol. I mean that in the nicest posible way , seekingtaqwa. I keep telling myself that I must come to yours and get tips and advice on ‘how to do it all and not die on the attepmt’ plus on teenage issues
    Amena, the choc you can get it from asda 😆

  4. as salamu alaykum

    lovely pasta mash’Allah…. yummi yummi!! 😆

    well done Ines… hope you enjoyed relaxing “on your own” mash’Allah!

    PS: where is the “Islamia School”? jzk!

  5. yam yam that hot choclate looks yammy.will get it next time i go to asda.and all taht quite mashaallah i can always dream of it!!maybe in 1 years inshaallah….lol…what are you teaching this kids in school every day kauthar comes home tells me ummy dont buy from that shop and dont by that food and dont buy that brand its all yahuddy….mashaallah she knows more than me.i think they talk about it a lot in the layground

  6. I promise you it’s not me, umkauthar. We are not allowed to do politics in school… It’s all happening in the playground 😆
    Like we are looking at Vikings in history and you can just imagine the conversations when we were talking about invaders and settlers. My palestinian boy made very good observations and linked it to the situation in his country.
    And yeah try the choc it’s worth every penny.

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