Punching the lights of out some dough might not be the answer to any of my problems but believe you me it helps. Not in the long run of course. One can not , unfortunately, avoid facing whatever test Allah has sent her way.

I have been depressed for almost 4 weeks (self diagnosed but it feels real to me) and I’m kind of getting a bit fed up now. I tried going along with it. I’ve tried ignoring it and pretending everything is ok. I’ve also tried talking to friends but I think a couple of times I might have chosen the wrong ones because they were as down or even more so than me 😆 And now, my dear readers, 1 st heavier and feeling quite ugly and uncomfortable in my own body, I have decided that enough is enough and it’s high time I did something to face reality.

By reality I mean, trying to find out what the h*** is it I want . Sort out my priorities and get real with myself. You might be thinking I’m crazy not knowing what I want but that is exactly my biggest problem. How am I supposed to claim it if I can not name it?!?! Do I just carry on with the things the way they are …Oh oh… this is turning out to be too painful a post. Time to switch off and make myself a cup of tea and stuff my face with more cakes and fatty stuff. I forgot to mention earlier that another thing I have tried to get myself out of the depressive mood I’m in is binge eating. Of course it does not solve anything and all that but that’s me , an emotional eater.

Anyways, this is what came out of all the punching and kneading…dsc00593  dsc00594  dsc00596

Not bad considering I’m not in the mood for anything these days without forgetting also that the kitchen or anything domestic for that matter is never my forte.


Not for the faint hearted…

Last night I cooked the first ‘bits’ of the qurbani. The only bits that I could stomach: kidneys and liver. There was another bag with something in it that at a quick glance looked like the intestines but I could be wrong. Maybe it was the stomach, but who cares because dh got rid of it. I mean he had no choice but to add it to the bag that had been put aside for ‘the poor’.

Not sure how I did it but here is a picture of the above mentioned ‘bits’. Very simple but very tasty dh assured me. Bless him 😆


Eid Mubarak!!!

dsc003483I hope you all had peaceful and joyous celebrations.We had quite a relaxed and quiet day, just as I had planned to.
After the Eid prayers we had a small breakfast just for the family. This year’s breakfast was not as big an affair as we are used to but I just couldn’t be asked. I settled for choc chip pancakes and poppy seed muffins.
We do not collect our lamb from the butchers till the day after or even two days after. I have learnt from my mistakes…and I am simply not prepared to stand outside the butchers for hours and queue while panicking about when the meal is going to be ready. So no lamb on the menu on Eid day but that is ok cause we had a delicious far eastern themed meal instead. A very dear sister helped (did it all actually) me in the kitchen, mashallah.