My old new table….

I can not express in words how happy I am with our old new coffee table…my dear friend has just dropped it off …little one even did a happy dance around it…

IMG-20140306-00554 IMG-20140306-00555

But I’m sure you want to see what is was like before…here are some more pics…I can not explain the whole process to you but I do know that it took lots and lots of sanding and some priming and then lots and lots and then some more varnish…oh and the brown bit is stain varnish…I think…well I’m not an expert , all I know is that I have a coffee table that I simply adore mash’Allah….thank you Allah for good friends…

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Don’t you think that reusing, revamping, recycling,reclaiming is the way forward? I do!!!

Salaams y hasta la vista,



It’s only the begining…

of a new me. A new me who cares about the environment she lives in has been born,just like that. Well maybe not so ‘just like that’ but more or less. We,the girls and myself (the important half of the family), have decided ‘no more plastic bags’ when we are out and about shopping. ‘Teenagewannabe’ daughter has been lecturing us for a while  about how long it takes for a plastic bag to disintegrate.Apparently 500 years!!!  Also ‘Blue Peter’has been brain washing my two little ones on the same blah blah blah so I had no other alternative but to go along with the flow.
Dh is not to sure about it all but the poor man has no say in it. We are strong believers in democracy in our household,lol. I was not having any of that…’it’s not that easy, who is going to remember to carry the alternative bags all the time?’  We soon had him regretting having spoken at all. He had to agree that we had thought it all through.
We put ourselves to the test yesterday. Shopping in Brent Cross was quite fun but also very rewarding in a funny kind of way. In all the shops we bought from the p*****c bag was refused with a smile on the face and we took it in turns to tell the cashier that ‘no thank you we had our own reusable bag’.
Came home with lots of goodies in one nice bag,mashallah.
Today, well a different story all together but not really my fault…Dh rang on his way home from work to tell us that he felt like celebrating the begining of his holidays. When he arrived 20 minutes later we were all ready for a nice meal out. After the meal dh wanted to do a spot of shopping for the trip to Spain, inshallah. And yes, you’ve guessed it…We had no reusable bag on us and there is so much a lady can cram into  her handbag. Imagine my dh’s smile on his face as the man behind the counter was putting the girls new sandals in a huge p*****c bag. His face was saying it all…’I knew it’. Arrgh!
Next stop, TK Max where you can buy ‘big labels at small prices’. So the usual bargains had been found, including top brand sunglasses (Police) which cost 75% less than their usual price. But wait until I tell you…after dh had parted with quite a sum of money the man behind the counter wanted 10p for each p*****c bag. No way dh is ever going to pay 10p for a p*****c bag!So he walked out the shop carrying all his purchases in his hand with his dw with a big smile on her face. Yeah, my smile said it all…’I told you it wasn’t such a bad idea after all…’
Moral of the story…I am always right If you think you are going to make the world a better place for you and your folks and many generations to come,BE PREPARED.
On a more serious note; I have this strong feeling that is only a small step towards a more green life but I am hoping to go back to recycling more. I did it before but all that clutter in my kitchen was driving me insane. I chose minimalist looking kitchen over saving the planet. What am I like!?! Shame on me.
 My folks back home recycle everything and I mean everything. Even the oil they use to fry the chips in is collected once a month in the village square. Don’t ask me what they do with it but I know that it’s recycled and that is what matters.
What do you think of the little white a pink number bellow? Gorgeous I know. It  is for mall shopping and for asda food shopping we are going to use the big Ikea bags.
What do you, my dear readers, do to save the planet? Do tell me in the comment section.
and it's pink inside!
and it's pink inside!