Eid Mubarak!!!

dsc003483I hope you all had peaceful and joyous celebrations.We had quite a relaxed and quiet day, just as I had planned to.
After the Eid prayers we had a small breakfast just for the family. This year’s breakfast was not as big an affair as we are used to but I just couldn’t be asked. I settled for choc chip pancakes and poppy seed muffins.
We do not collect our lamb from the butchers till the day after or even two days after. I have learnt from my mistakes…and I am simply not prepared to stand outside the butchers for hours and queue while panicking about when the meal is going to be ready. So no lamb on the menu on Eid day but that is ok cause we had a delicious far eastern themed meal instead. A very dear sister helped (did it all actually) me in the kitchen, mashallah.



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