Punching the lights of out some dough might not be the answer to any of my problems but believe you me it helps. Not in the long run of course. One can not , unfortunately, avoid facing whatever test Allah has sent her way.

I have been depressed for almost 4 weeks (self diagnosed but it feels real to me) and I’m kind of getting a bit fed up now. I tried going along with it. I’ve tried ignoring it and pretending everything is ok. I’ve also tried talking to friends but I think a couple of times I might have chosen the wrong ones because they were as down or even more so than me πŸ˜† And now, my dear readers, 1 st heavier and feeling quite ugly and uncomfortable in my own body, I have decided that enough is enough and it’s high time I did something to face reality.

By reality I mean, trying to find out what the h*** is it I want . Sort out my priorities and get real with myself. You might be thinking I’m crazy not knowing what I want but that is exactly my biggest problem. How am I supposed to claim it if I can not name it?!?! Do I just carry on with the things the way they are …Oh oh… this is turning out to be too painful a post. Time to switch off and make myself a cup of tea and stuff my face with more cakes and fatty stuff. I forgot to mention earlier that another thing I have tried to get myself out of the depressive mood I’m in is binge eating. Of course it does not solve anything and all that but that’s me , an emotional eater.

Anyways, this is what came out of all the punching and kneading…dsc00593Β  dsc00594Β  dsc00596

Not bad considering I’m not in the mood for anything these days without forgetting also that the kitchen or anything domestic for that matter is never my forte.


9 thoughts on “Therapy”

  1. Salam alaykom… really it sounds like you are dealing with it well..however I am not a therapist πŸ˜‰
    main thing is you know smth has to be you’re on the way to picking up and getting on with it. I personally feel that’s the way to beat this.
    But with lots of prayer πŸ™‚
    hang in there sis..hugs.

  2. ASSALAMU ALAYKUM MY SISTER… you are welcome to send me an email anytime in shaa Allah… ummtravis at live dot com

    Also, I too bounce back and forth, although I am not a binge eater I have had my issues with addictions, so I can understand somehow what you’re going through

    Try to recite the duaa for grief, anxiety and sorrow which I posted here…

    Also there is a lecture there which I found to be really inspiring.

    The only answer lies in Allah, as I am sure you know, and complain and cry to Him, and in shaa Allah, it will ease.

    In addition try to remember that this season also makes it harder for many of us to bear, and as impossible as it may seem, try to get outside for a quick walk or something. The air and exercise is great, it gets your adrenalin pumping, clears your mind and increases endorphins, a natural cure.

    May Allah guide you and make your path easy, ameen

  3. 😦 im sorry if i didnt help sis *hugs* it wasnt my intention to lay all my problems out there, which Im sure you know. have you decided about the holiday??

  4. Assalaamu Alaykum,

    Ines, I know how you feel. You’re welcome to get in touch with me personally if you think it might help. Alhamdulillah I’m not on a low right now but I do often search for more direction.


  5. Thank you sisters for your kind words. Ammena , do not be silly , you are a great listener and we took it in turns to lay out our problems…we weren’t sure whose were bigger though πŸ˜† You always make me laugh anyway and that can only be therapeutic(spelling?)
    And yes I am going away and hope that it helps uplift my mood, inshallah.
    Please sisters remember me in your du’as. You are all in mine.

  6. Assalamu Alaikum sister!

    I like your blog! Hey I like your food!

    Are you sure it isn’t just the gloomy weather giving you the SAD blues? I find that a daily walk, to think and get exposed to that daylight somewhat, really gives me a boost.

    Try it. Love from Fatima

  7. insh’allah all will be well….truly allah tests those he loves, and through the testing we can become stronger and better equipped for what lies ahead…sorry though that you’re having a tough time….my dua’s are with you….lots of sisterly hugs too

  8. Aslamu alakum
    i am sory you are feeling soo low but i must say the result of the therapy was enough to make me smile, i am just the same turn to baking when stressed, sometimes we just neede new direction in our lives , new routines, new ways or refreshinging old ones. often when i feel like this i increase in acts of worship to bring me closer to Allah. If i really took a good look i will see i have become lax in worship over time. I do hope this can work for you sis and that you will feel ‘happyness soon’ I know all to well about that black cloud. hugs.

  9. Assalaamu alaikum,

    I am only just getting back into blogging and reading blogs so forgive me for my late comment on this post.

    How are you feeling now? I pray that Allah gives you comfort and helps you find your way. I really feel for you sis because I went through a really tough couple of months recently compounded by feeling ill with the pregnancy so there were lots of tears and lots of wondering where is the light at the end of this very grey tunnel? Alhamdu Lillah I think I have come through and I hope it will be the same for you. PM me if you want to in the forum oh and… have a nice break.

    Love n hugs xxx

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