Is it too late?

Have I killed them off? Do they still stand a chance? They say too much love can kill too and I can honestly say that whichever the fate of my aubergine plants happens to be I have loved them from the minute I sowed them to the first flowers and all the bits in between…..How  was I supposed to know that they are tropical plants and they don’t need watering everyday?….it wasn’t until I shared my concern for my plants on the fb gardening group (uk here we grow, best experts ever) that I learnt that the cause of their demise might be  my over watering …it started with droopy leaves, browning and yellowing……anyways I have stopped watering them ….second day of no water today and we shall see what happens….Ali ,one of the experts says that she waters hers every three days and she is in sunny southern Spain!!!!  ok…time to stop torturing myself and put it down to learning experience…what else can I do?


Hopefully not all is lost….insh’Allah , we still get to enjoy a few homegrown aubergines….

Salaams y hasta la vista,



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