In pots too….

every raised bed is full to the brim….every inch used for growing….in theory even the slugs should find moving about near impossible but little one has other ideas in mind….when I have my back turned she pinches a few seeds at a time and goes off to ‘experiment’….a few days later she calls me over to see her germinated beans or peas or sunflowers… matter how many times I tell here we have no more room she still keeps on experimenting and growing….so today we had to transplant a few peas from one of her pots on to a much bigger pot….


She is talking of asking Vanessa (the allotment manager) for her own plot….like being my helper is not enough because she wants to do things her way….so she now has taken over a corner that wasn’t being used much, only for storing dh’s building materials…..


She is happy for now but I don’t see it lasting…she has big plans this little 5 year old girl….on the walk back from the allotment we were discussing the possibility of a pond and some big bushes for the birds to hide in and have their babies in……

Salaams y hasta la vista,