Eid Mubarak

As you can see, the little one still hard at work making Eid decorations. I am going to start pretty soon on the cakes. Well, not that soon cause I’m still on the ingredients list. But knowing me and from past experience I’ll only get into full steam when the day is announced. That’s me the eternal procrastinator…

I have decided on an English theme (minus a plate of Algerian cakes courtesy of in laws) for the open house Eid breakfast straight after the mosque. Inshallah, there will be home made carrot cake, lemon muffins, bought chocolate cake and yogurt marmalade cake. Wish me luck!!!!

I’m not looking forward to all the baking and the state of the kitchen (I’m trying so hard not to conjure up a mental image ) but in all honesty I can’t wait to receive the guests and get into the party spirit. Also we are all going out for lunch afterwards so I’ll get my treat too!

What are you all doing , inshallah? Let us know and don’t forget the pics.