My poor poor blueberries…

did not stand a chance next to the raspberries…how was I supposed to know that the 6 canes I planted last year were going to multiply by a hundred at least?….Imagine my surprise when a few weeks ago I noticed lots and lots of new shoots all along the very long raised bed….something told me that I had to do something about the blueberries that were quickly being swamped…I asked around and the advice was to give them a home of their own and according to the experts ¬†they do very well in pots as long as the soil used is ericace0us…let’s hope they survive the move and we have an abundant harvest…..I need them for my greek yogurt breakfast al fresco…badly…..insh’Allah

PicMonkey Collage.jpg

they do look much happier on their own…..don’t you just love learning on the job? I certainly do….is the best part of being a gardener, if you ask me…

Salaams y hasta la vista,