One raised bed at a time…

Today we have managed to put three of them to bed….weeded and topped up with compost…..come Spring the soil should be full of goodness….this year we are not covering any of the beds as we have done in the past….I’ve always being in two minds about it so I’m going to give the no covering method a chance and let the winter frost work its magic…..what I might do though is cover for a couple of weeks before planting to warm up the soil…..

PicMonkey Image.jpg

Wishing you all a peaceful and productive week….

Salaams y hasta la vista,



6 thoughts on “One raised bed at a time…”

    1. neither…I have never tried green manure…sounds like hard work come spring….I’m a lazy minimalist less is more lol….we have covered the whole plot with black plastic in the past two years but not even that this year….other peeps at the allotments who are much more experienced than me have convinced me of the benefits of letting the frost do its job….so yeah I’m going to let nature do its thing….

      1. You should look into the no dig method it’s nothing I’ve tried myself but it’s massively labour saving and I’ve seen some positive results

      2. yes…that’s my method….I’ve had this plot for three years and to begin with I had to do a lot of digging to get deep down in order to get rid of weeds that had take over…gradually I have moved on to no dig…just top up with compost, leaves, coffee grounds, woodchip…..

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