They’re in…

today was the perfect day to plant the garlic…the sun was shining and quite warm…also perfect kind of day for tidying up the beds and adding well rotted compost ….

Our first time planting garlic but we have read up enough to know that they are very hungry plants…so after tidying up a raised bed of weeds we have added plenty of compost and then planted them 8 inches apart…little one has done a very good job of placing them with the little tail up….now all we have to do is let the Winter do its job…just mind that weeds don’t take residence in that bed…


We have also cleared another  three beds and topped them up….slowly but surely….some harvesting has taken place too….our very last courgettes…gotta tidy up that bed next….and our very last melon….


Some of the pumpkins that were drying in the allotment’s shed are now at home….the pinterest hunt for best recipe has already commenced….can’t wait…


Plenty more tidying up in the days ahead…wishing you all a productive week with lots of rest too….

Salaams y hasta la vista,




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