Harvest Wednesday…

not the traditional harvest and show day in blogland but who cares….life is happening quite fast over here with home schooling killing me and little one not cooperating much  in full swing and other mundane things….but it’s all good…nobody is complaining….


Do you see those colourful peppers? I’m so chaffed with them….I’ve been getting plenty of green ones but when it comes to read or yellow not so many….when I let them on the plant to colour they go off….so happy with them…

I’m going to try making green tomatoes chutney….the ones outside are not going to turn red anytime soon and we are running out of time ….green tomato chutney it is folks…waste not want not and all that….

and now back to the story of 6….or a poem or two….hard to tell with the little one…thanks god for the independent 15 year old homeschooler….


Salaams y hasta la vista,



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