I heart tapestry crochet…


and I love the fact that I was able to work out the pattern by myself…inspiration from here.….not sure what is going to be….a large cushion….a blanket….hanging decoration? …we shall see….

I’m dead tired from all the Eid celebration partying yesterday and soon a couple of friends are coming to help me finish off all the cakes but still I find time to crochet……I need crochet in my life…when I’m tired…when I’m stressed….when I’m fed up….

I leave you with some Eid related pics…..




This year’s goodies courtesy of my girls were tiramisu, lemon drizzle cake and Viennese Swirls…..all delish of course…

Salaams y hasta la vista,





3 thoughts on “I heart tapestry crochet…”

    1. yes…it is quite addictive….this was my second project and I recently bought the pattern for a wayuu bag….not having much luck with the bag yet but I shall persevere 😉

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