Leeks and lilies….

I picked the first two of the year this morning…


and I’ve planted some Calla Lilies too…or is it transplanted? Long story short…at the beginning of Summer , Josephine, two plots down from me, promised me some cuttings from her beautiful lilies…she has hundreds if not thousands of them…so this morning she came to my plot with a few cuttings and some rooty thingys….I’ve buried the roots in a pot and the cuttings I have planted in another two pots….I should have plenty of my own Calla lilies next year ins’Allah….looking forward to having vases full of them inside the house too….

Wasn’t today a glorious day for gardening? I can’t believe the season is coming to an end when the sun is shining so bright out there…..part of me is looking forward to the Autumn too though….I think I just like the change of rhythm that comes with the changes of seasons..subhan’Allah

Salaams y hasta la vista,




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