When life gives you blackberries….

make jam……but if you are a complete beginner like me do loads of research and find a recipe that you know is going to work….unless you are a confident kind of person and , unlike me, you trust your instinct….what a palaver…first of all, I watched a bbc food tutorial which showed how to make raspberry jam but it did say that you could substitute it with blackberries….secondly , no indication of how long to cook it for and the way it was shown it looks like was done in a matter of minutes ( time lapse and all that)…..oh well, it is done now and I can put it down to experience and all that…I hope it tastes good…..I’ve gone the extra mile and mashed the whole lot through a very fine sieve to get rid of pips…..that I’m dog tired is the understatement of the century….


I got just over one of those jars out of 750 grams of berries….not sure I’ll be making it again…..I think I’ll stick to cobblers…….I reckon raspberry is an easier fruit to work with as no pips

I have promised a friend tea with scones and homemade jam so I will be reporting back in a few days….

Salaams y hasta la vista,




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