I did it and it felt so good….

the texture in my hands, the weight , the colours…..there I was sitting in front of the computer compiling to do lists and other stuff while listening to motivational TED speakers when just like that, I picked a crochet basket and went for it……I don’t know why I picked this one…I could have picked at least another two WIPs nearby but anyhow this one was the chosen one……



I managed to join together all the squares you see above and then this morning the need to do some crochet was still there so I carried on….I now have four rows of ten granny squares and I’m still in shock but I’ll get over it …..what on earth is going on…it’s not even cloudy outside!!!!


Wishing you all a peaceful and productive day…..breakfast time here….not even 8 30 and I have done crochet, cleaned and a few other things…this getting up earlier in the morning business rocks…..

Salaams y hasta la vista,





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