If you are at the beginning of

growing your own soft fruits like I am….you probably have the same problem(s) as me…one someone else gets there before you …two the berries are growing in dribs and drabs…there might be other problems but those two are my main ones….let’s not mention the birds, slugs, the cat and all the rest….so yeah…if you only have three berries like I had this afternoon forget the jam making or pies or ice cream and go for a simpler easier and more in-trend option…Overnight oats!!!!

PicMonkey Collage

you only have to add greek style yogurt, oats, milk of choice, more fruit, nuts, chia seeds and whatever else takes your fancy….put it in the fridge and enjoy it in the morning…..dd20 has been having overnigt oats for a while now…I’m a complete beginner…first time tomorrow…..I think I’m going to like it…my three berries are going to taste great…..

Salaams y hasta la vista,


Edited the morning after…..Love love love overnight oats…I’m sold….now off to research different flavour combinations


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