friends living in uk…the connection? ok…let me explain….Sister M was my neighbour who later looked after my daughter while I went to work…Sister N was walking down the road one day and saw M and my little one and said salaams …she just ‘knew’ she was from Malaysia the same as her children’s father….long story short Sister M wanted Sister N to meet me …and so one day when I went to pick up my little one she was there with the biggest smile I had ever seen in my life…I mention the big smile because that’s her nature, smile even when you are tested with the biggest tests in life…smile even when you are crying inside……oh and food…food connects us all three big time…Sister M can cook like no one else can…and she loves it…when her English was very poor she communicated with food …that’s my theory anyways…and Sister N and myself we just love her food…Malay/Chinese/far eastern…you name it she cooks it….we eat it…and of course our kids were a big link too…but now when we sit to eat we talk uni degrees, life paths and other more grown up issues instead of nursery places….otherwise everything else is pretty much the same…so yeah I’ll shut up now and show off the food we’ve eaten together today….Allah ibarak…oh and did I tell you Sister N looks after my youngest too….oh and she was the ‘unofficial’ driver to and from school for many years…ok ok I’m coming with the food pics….


crabs…prawns…veggie options; aubergine and pack choy and veggie goyoza and homemade chicken wontons…..


these are the chicken wontons that were eaten while cooking……only thing cooked by me and they got the seal of approval by the queen of Chinese cooking…

Is there anything better than good friends and good food together?…can’t think right now…period…too stuffed…

Salaams y hasta la vista,



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