A recipe…

Garbanzos con acelgas….Chick peas with chard…

This is probably my very first post on a recipe that has no link to a website …I wouldn’t call it an original either because I’m not a natural in the kitchen…I pretty much know what I like and I find a recipe online, save it on pinterest and cook it….I find as I’m getting older that I want to recreate flavours from my childhood…I want to recreate my mother’s cooking…My mother’s cooking was always very different from anyone else’s…not only was it better but unique…she was an Andalusian with influences from Extremadura, living in the basque country where the only way to condiment a dish was parsley, if you were lucky…..so yeah this dish was ‘exotic’ by basque standards as it has cumin….

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Not many ingredients…less is more is my motto when it comes to cooking too….

500 g chick peas,soaked  overnight

900 g chard chopped small ….homegrown in my case

1 large onion

4 cloves of garlic

1 large fresh tomato or tinned

stale bread (2 or 3 slices or equivalent french baguette)

1 teaspoon of cumin

salt to taste

Cook the finely chopped onions in olive oil….add chick peas cover with water and cook….I did it in the pressure cooker 20 minutes…next add chard and cook for another 20 minutes till veg are soft and finally add the majao (paste) ….you make in the pestle and mortar after frying garlic, bread, tomato and cumin in olive oil….cook until all flavours are blended….enjoy…..

Wishing you all a peaceful and productive week,

Salaams y hasta la vista,




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