A new bag…

I made my dd17 a bag for Eid and with the little left over fabric I managed to make myself a little shopping bag…I’ve had bags in my mind for a long time and now that we have to take bags with us everywhere or pay 5p per bag I have been researching them….my pinterest is full of bag patterns;big,small,reversible,totes…..so yeah here they are….

dd17 loves the fact that her bag is reversible …she has worn it brown side out today cause she was wearing a patterned top but if she wears her usual black I guess the other side will do her nicely….

my little shopping bag is not reversible but I have used the same fabrics….and notice those little clips? a great gadget that you should consider if you are into bag making or quilting….they have come in very handy with the very thick fabrics….pins are a bit tough on the fingers…..very efficient and inexpensive…



Next, I think I’ll make a bigger shopping bag for when I go grocery shopping insh’Allah…

Wishing you all a great weekend…

Salaams y hasta la vista,



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