Eid day….

spent with friends and family….prayers out in the open in a nearby park….rides for the children and the not so young….back home for a breakfast full of homemade baking…gifts opening afterwards…and friends for a bbq soon after….a mad house full of laughter, good food, friends old and new, lots of reminiscing. my  oh my how much have the children grown….so nice to see them turning into very confident young men and women…and plenty of harmless matchmaking…have I every told you that I’m the group’s Mrs Bennet?….“Certainly, my dear, nobody said there were; but as to not meeting with many people in this neighbourhood, I believe there are few neighbourhoods larger. I know we dine with four-and-twenty families.” 


The night before is always a very busy time at ours too….a banner to be made…baking and last minute present making…..oh so much fun…Alhamdulilah

PicMonkey Collage

Salaams y hasta la vista,




3 thoughts on “Eid day….”

  1. Eid Mubarak, this reads and sounds so fun – as Eid should be – joy even in the tiredness that accompanies the preps and day itself!

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