I spy with my little eye….

that moment your eyes spot a new veg or flower for the first time….I can never get used to the excitement….not many things beat that feeling in my opinion…


two artichokes on one plant…..I swear they were not there when I last checked two days ago….this rain is working wonders..subhanAllah….we are spraying the black flies with soapy water …believe it or not….as soon as the rain stops they’ll get a new spraying…


see the tiny butternut squash making its way onto the aubergine’s raised bed? I know it’s quite early in the season for a butternut squash but I guess it’s all to do with the greenhouse…don’t know what made me plant this one in a bucket and keep it indoors but I’m glad I did….the other squashes are outside and nowhere near this one…not even flowering yet…..here , a closer shot…


I also noticed a few broad beans today….I reckon they’ll be plenty more by the end of the week insh’Allah….hopefully enough for a meal to break fast…I’m thinking lamb with potatoes, broad beans and some of our own courgettes too….insh’Allah


Isn’t this the best time of the year in the garden? I just love love love it….

Salaams y hasta la vista,






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