Garden notes…

the potatoes are flowering….


the cabbages are doing rather well too and so are the weed around them….


I will harvest the courgettes in two more days …just in time for the first shorba of Ramadan.…insh’Allah…perfect timing again ….

The rhubarb is looking lush …shame we can’t harvest this year….got to give it time to establish…..never mind….


And just to prove the point of gardening not being an exact science, I’ve got to tell you about the pumpkins…..we sowed 10 seeds and only one germinated….what a shame cause I had reserved the biggest raised bed for them as last year they took over the pathways and all…




you see the seedling there on the bottom right corner? yep…that’s it…the rest are just weeds…I did remove them after taking the pic though…..

But guess what? As soon as Mary’s heard of the non-pumpkins situation she has offered me some of her own…bless her….she saves her own seeds….the woman is a pro….love you Mary to the moon and back….


Wishing you all a peaceful and productive weekend…

Salaams y hasta la vista,




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