More cabbages and some greenhouse plants…


this is our second raised bed of cabbages ….a mix of savoy and greyhounds….


tomatoes coming along nicely…..mash’Allah


tempted to pick some chilies but we like them red better so a bit more waiting….ins’Allah


Aubergines ….I don’t know much about aubergines at this stage but I’m pretty sure that they will need some sort of support as fruits are quite heavy….so I’ll do some online research and build an appropriate support system insh’Allah

Salaams y hasta la vista,


P.S  I found this great youtube video on aubergines….


2 thoughts on “More cabbages and some greenhouse plants…”

    1. welcome to my blog but not sure it’s that informative…I’m still learning myself…you can learn from my mistakes though 😉

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