First signs…..

hope….excitement….reassurance that I’m doing something right…..

we shall have plums!!!!!….insh’Allah….


And look at what else we’ve spotted today…..


the very first asparagus spear…..even though we are not going to pick any for the next two years at least I know that the plants did establish successfully and we are on track….insh’Allah….


and looks like we shall have some figs too!!!! I couldn’t help myself…..went in for sugar came out with a fig tree….only £10 …I’ve had a fig tree (if you can call it that ) for longer than I can remember but not a single fruit ….insh’Allah this one will produce the goods…


It looks pretty happy in the greenhouse next to the tomatoes and chilies….I’m debating whether to pot it on now or wait for a while……

WP_20160520_11_29_28_Pro[1] and those are the novelties for now….the rest of the plants are doing well too alhamdulilah….

wishing you a productive and peaceful weekend…

Salaams y hasta la vista,




2 thoughts on “First signs…..”

    1. I have two which were planted at the same time but only one is producing fruit this year….fingers cross it’s the turn of the other one next year too

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