Peas and other garden matters…

I have a confession to make…this year I have not hardened off any of my veg….I hope it’s not a decision I live to regret…..

Today it was the turn of the peas to move out of the greenhouse and on to the plot…

PicMonkey Collage

dd15 is turning out to be the best plot partner one could wish for….she is gaining so much confidence…she just gets on with a task while I’m doing something else ….like today she planted all the peas almost single handed…

Little one is also picking up a lot but she is rather busy roaming from plot to plot chatting with all our neighbours… she helped earth the potatoes …


Larry, the potato expert ( he has grown potatoes for 55 years since the age of 9!!!), was telling me that one earthing is enough, so I’m sticking to that…previously I had read at least three times…..see here… many times do you guys earth your potatoes?

Salaams y hasta la vista,




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