First day in May…


decided to take a calculated risk and we’ve uncovered the potatoes….the fleece is off and I reckon they’ll do well…..the weather promises to behave more Maylike….insh’Allah


cabbages hardening off in the sunshine….I’m giving them another week before I plant them in the soil….still working out what raised bed for what plants…decisions decisions decisions….


The green house is starting to fill up pretty fast…..the chilies and aubergines doing well….the chilies are in their final pots now but the aubergines need some more time before either potting on or going in the soil….but I tried them for size….


I hope I’ve allowed enough space between them for healthy growth …I want to squeeze at least one pepper plant in that right corner…talking about peppers…..the first batch we sowed flopped but this time round looks like success insh’Allah…


Insh’Allah come the Summer I’m hoping for a greenhouse full of peppers, chilies and aubergines….three plants I have never grown before successfully…actually I’ve grown chilies before but small scale on a windowsill….


Wishing you all a peaceful and productive week ahead…

Salaams y hasta la vista,



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