Just in case…

the potato experts at the allotment were busy this morning covering their potato patches with fleece…of course I had to go up to them and ask what and why, just in case I was missing a trick….it turns out the temperatures are going to plummet down drastically this weekend and they are not taking any chances with their potatoes….and neither am I for that matter….


Meanwhile, in the green house things are looking good….too good even…like I could do with planting out some of the courgettes and squashes but not sure it is warm enough for them…timing is everything I guess and I’m not very good at the waiting game….


Oh and one of the melon seeds has germinated!!!…… 1/6 :(……again, I think I should have waited a bit longer before sowing them…well they say gardening is not a precise science , more of a trial and error thing….lesson learnt……


Salaams y hasta la vista,



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