A small cherry tree…


We’ve had a full size cherry tree for over 5 years and although it is quite stunning when it is blossoming and the green foliage is abundant , the truth is we have never eaten a cherry out of it….Five years ago I was not as experienced or well read as I am now and I did not know the first thing about tree pollination and all the rest…So, I guess the big cherry tree it is not the self fertile variety and so, I have bought the smaller patio variety….This one promises a good harvest from mid-July to August….we shall see…Insh’Allah and also I’m hoping it will help with the pollination business and as a result we will get cherries from the big one too…


I’ve planted it in a much bigger pot and given it plenty of homegrown compost….watch this space for a cherry pie recipe in the coming months…lol

Salaams y hasta la vista,



2 thoughts on “A small cherry tree…”

  1. It should be interesting to see how you potted cherry tree turns out. I have a cherry tree about 5 years old and we’ve only gotten a handful of fruit in the past 3 years. I like the idea of a smaller one in a pot.

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