Asparagus and rhubarb…

yesterday on the plot it was the turn of two perennials :asparagus and rhubarb…dd15 and I planted all eight asparagus crowns after a demo from a dear allotment neighbour who has a very large, well established asparagus bed…originally I was going to follow this expert’s advice but as Sharon offered to help we went for ‘her way’…pretty much the same but our way we did less digging….still ended up with mounds to sit the crowns on with the roots draping down all around, we then covered with compost…as growths start to show we will cover up with fine soil….and just keep building it up….not as complicated as anticipated…and now to wait three years before harvesting…that’s the deal with asparagus; the first year you harvest none, the second just a few and after the third year they are all ours insh’Allah….

PicMonkey Collage

you can hardly see the tip of the rhubarb but it is there….the variety is Suttons Seedless…I’m not sure if I will be harvesting any this coming season….I will ask around and do some reading/youtubing….

Salaams y hasta la vista,



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