I’ve got this daughter…

who puts her name down for all online freebies that there are out there and then some more….usually they are make up samples, hand creams, toothpastes and anything along those lines….this time though she got me THIS!!!!


Five packs of  wild English flower seeds and a mini mini and I mean mini DIY beehive…..not sure what it does but we will put it out all the same…also in the pack there are a few 2 for 1 tickets to Kew Gardens and I’m thinking this has to be the perfect time of the year to go visit the gardens….yeah, I’ll have to go…see if dh wants to come with me…


And now off to the allotment to find the perfect sport for the seeds and while I’m there I might as well help dh with the green house…it’s starting to look like one and I can see the light at the end….want a peek? thought so….


This was two days ago…we have now put up three walls out of four…so should be done in a couple of days or so…if the weather behaves….insh’Allah

Salaams y hasta la vista,




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