Kate’s rhubarb …

Kate, my allotment neighbour, is off to Guatemala tomorrow and has asked me to keep an eye on her rhubarb…she is going to be away for over three weeks and she does not want it to go to waste…I’ve told her I’ve never grown it but she says it’s dead simple….so all I have to do is watch it grow and when it has reached the top of the pot , cut it, cook it and eat it…can’t be that hard 😉


I love the forcer…I might buy myself one depending on how much we like rhubarb after tasting kate’s one….apparently forced rhubarb tastes much sweeter and also you get two crops a year…


Thy look tiny to me but apparently it is all going to happen in the next couple of weeks…what do I know?….I’ll be checking on them next Sunday and reporting back here…watch this space….

Salaams y hasta la vista,



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