today was the turn of the aubergines and the squashes…I have never succeeded in growing aubergines…insh’Allah this year once the greenhouse is finished I will grow them in there…let’s hope the DIY cloche helps with the germination process….


The potatoes are chitting nicely on the windowsill too….two more weeks and they will be going in the ground….I get super excited just thinking about it….first time!!!!


I leave you with a quote taken from my allotment planner.….if you haven’t got one I highly recommend this one…..plenty of good advice plus loads of pages to write your own notes…


Salaams y hasta la vista,



7 thoughts on “Sowing….”

    1. are you growing under cover? cause must be colder up there and you don’t want to start too early…broad beans are quite hardy and great for dz dishes 😉

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