The simplest picnic blanket ever….

simple and practical and pretty…oh and I’ve used loads of left overs….even the backing is an old ikea fleecy blanket….what do you think?  We can’t wait for the warmer weather to make an appearance so we can have a picnic …..insh’Allah


PicMonkey Collage

I have followed this easy to follow version has patchwork on one side….simple 5.5x 5.5 inches squares stitched together…

Wishing you all a peaceful and productive weekend….

Salaams y hasta la vista,



2 thoughts on “The simplest picnic blanket ever….”

  1. Your sewing projects are so inspiring! I think a patchwork blanket would be great way for me to get back in to sewing in sha Allah!!! I really really want to sew some clothes but my “mending pile” is sooooo big 😦 I think I need a project like this to get back in to the swing of things.

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