Potatoes and berries…

a dear friend of mine and I went for a drive ….you know the type of drive I’m talking about….the get me out of here I need some space kind of drive….only this time we did not drive aimlessly for hours….this time we were on a mission, to get potato seeds, well I was….we drove out of London …not far, to a lovely place called Tring…lovely market town…Noorah if you are reading this I just saw on the forecast app snow for Tuesday, remember those slopes in Tring? get the sledges out!! so yeah….we got to the garden centre and found the potato seeds as well as lot of useful info on which ones to get and when and how to plant them, from a lovely couple who were also choosing their potatoes….who knew there are hundreds varieties to choose from and who knew about the first earlies, second earlies and main crops…..well now I know but what I’m not too sure about is whether to chit them or not to chit them……..


I also bought some berry plants for my back garden…..since we have the allotment the back garden has not been fully utilised …..last Summer I only had strawberries growing and since we had so much fun picking them in the mornings for our yogurt breakfast, we thought a soft fruits area would be perfect…..insh’Allah….one of the long flower beds will be full of berries this Summer….strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and gooseberries….insh’Allah….


Wishing you all a peaceful, productive week….

Salaams y hasta la vista,



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