My husband…

is building me a green house…..and I can’t wait but it is quite a slow build; firstly because he can only work on the project on Sundays (weather permitting) and secondly because he is a perfectionist…..I mean , he is not the bang some planks together with a couple of nails and then put some glass on top type..oh no, with him everything has to be researched, measured, health and safety approved and only then he will start prepping…..even then he will not just hammer some posts down into the ground….oh no, perfect diameter holes have to be dug and then filled with cement before he can add the post which will hold the structure….so yeah a very slow process….after a few weekends I only have this to show you….but I have faith that once it is done it will be a greenhouse like no other and I will be the happiest woman on the  allotment planet


and talking about all garden things related… seeds have arrived!!!


I was in bed most of last week with a severe case of tonsillitis and decided to do some online shopping….so yeah, all my seeds were ordered and have now been delivered too…..only thing left is potatoes…I’m planting potatoes for the first time so need to do some more research to find out which are best for complete beginners…oh and a trip to a nursery to pick berries…I want to plant raspberries and blueberries in our back garden…next to the strawberries and gooseberries…insh’Allah…..

Salaams y hasta la vista,




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