Stash-busting and a pie…

IMG-20151107-WA0004[1] IMG-20151108-WA0006[1]

wrists warmers….quick, dead easy project to get rid of the annoying less than half skein wool in the basket…


Another way to clear your conscience before spending money on new wool is to start a blanket…V stitch in this case….you do not need to finish off the blanket before going to the shops to get more wool for projects that don’t even exist in your mind just yet…nah, that’s not the idea….what you’ve achieved here is some sort of inner peace that allows you to pack away an average of 12 unfinished yarns….and in a couple of weeks when you have nothing else going on,you take it out, do some rounds and once again vanish it into exile…trust me , I’m the expert….remember this one?…well….I now have all the squares needed…130 squares…a very good number for a decent size blanket but joining them all up requires what I just haven’t got right now….mojo they call it…. it’s a WIP and it will continue to be so for a while……that’s how I roll…..I’m ok with that….besides it makes my tiny under the stairs room look good…don’t you think?


and the pie? pumpkin of course….dd14 is in charge…. of course!!!…’s going into the oven as we speak…..what a way to end the weekend….


Salaams y hasta la vista,


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