Two hats and a dress…

and other crafting matters…..the crochet bug hasn’t left me yet….it must be the weather and all that time spent indoors…anyways two hats in two days is what I call very productive….loved making them both but I must admit that the bubble stitch was a very pleasant change from the other more regular stitches…and that pompom was delightful to make and little girl loves it!!!!

IMG_7630 IMG_7632

and here is a dress I made for little one last week….same pattern as before….she loves them both…she loves dresses full stop and I’m already working on the next one….a different one this time….watch this space 😉


Big sister asked for a poncho too….she wants it all black….so her mama is on to it…..give us a couple of more hours and I should be done……doesn’t look like much right now but you get the idea….a few more rows for length and then the cowl…..


It’s half term over here!!!!… big plans….lots of chillaxing……

Salaams y hasta la vista,



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